Esther Akoth aka Akothee, is famously know for being a successful business lady and also a singer. She recently lost her grandpa and her mother fell sick but people do not want to leave her in peace.

Someone has just poked this mama bear and we all know what that means. She might be known for being such ‘a loud mouth’ but she never shies away from giving people a piece of her mind.

Akothee angrily vented on her social media page and said;


“I’m having sleepless nights trying to figure out how I can enhance my life get richest and extend my hand to those around me! , you are busy analysing how I made my money yet you heard about me 3 years ago when fame hit the frame fool! Do you have any brains ? If sex would make people rich! why are you still broke! Or do ours ejaculate mecury so we sell later? It’s just that you ain’t a celebrity so no one knows your shit! Bulshit, get a coner sit down & continue analysing & getting broke with a heart full of bitterness , you can’t sit with me #mandoyuech ! My life needs a case study not for every idiot to understand ! Well you bitter because am rich right ? So every rich woman is either a prostitute or fraud! You don’t believe in hardwork and working smart + some people like #madamboss were born lucky for having a pure heart ! You with your bitterness should stop sleeping with men for money! you will never get rich with this stupid attitude, your private part will suffer it’s just that It can’t talk ! I never saw a rich prostitute not here in kenya I don’t know if it’s in Europe ! I don’t live there ! If it’s fame you want I will give it you, to a biro yanyi yany kisumo pier meru , you are posing with your breasts out on your profile pics yet you dare question my dress code,am I your mother ? one of my children is paying 650k per term yet they are 5 , how many men will I sleep with to cover this ? Lost sheep! Start analysing your life , analyzing my life yet you haven’t met me ! Will make you sick , now if you come to my real life you will commit suicide coz shit is real , am not one of the celebrity who pose with fake things come slowly, I will blow your head #jachienmoruakoguchi, you are the one misleading young girls trying to make them understand that a woman can only get rich through fraud and prostitution, why is your mother not rich yet she had sex till you were born? or your father was some broke slayking #Gamechanger #womenshouldrespectotherpeopleslanes #ifyoucantbeatthemjointhem ! You are stupid by using sex as a weapon against women yet you having it daily but broke like a church mouse KAL POLIS”

“Ladies, Stop Worshipping Make-up,’ Akothee Sends Message

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And people had much to say as well;

swit_gracie: True true true @akotheekenya … #IG should introduce a triple like button.
khloshone of the reasons I love @akotheekenya is purely becauses she is so real #indisputable.

perry_idel: Come down madam boss..let them talk… cheap talk won’t change your lifestyle… besides we all need enemies… you have already become while they are trying to get where you are already at .

theonewanja: Shots fired… baaam! Aol.

gentleman3073: Are you talking to @huddahthebosschick ??????

mbuguachris: Huyu hakujua anachokoza nani…. @akotheekenya that’s true talk tho…

evahgatwiri: Someone tell me who thid shade was being thrown at!! Please
superior_2016: You seem to be an understanding and loving woman with great HUMILITY. But you are trying so so so hard to justify your richness, which creates more doubts. It’s not worth it. You are a celebrity, it comes with the price. RELAX!!! The more you allow people/fans to get into your nerves about this issue, the more they will poke fingers into your eyes. I may probably get knocked for this comment but it’s okay