Diamond Platnumz has had it with Hamisa Mobetto, his second baby mama.

The bongo star claims that Hamisa has gone to witch doctors to wish him and his family evil.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Diamond claims:

“You have gone to witch doctors wishing harm against my family.  That means you could kill my mum and here you are asking that I buy you a house.”

The beef started when voice notes that were depicting Diamond’s mum, Sandra Sunura in bad light were circulated widely. Diamond suspects that Hamisa leaked the voice notes to change the public perception of the star’s mum.

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Diamond said:

“I have heard those voice notes going round. I heard things that I knew that is her (Hamisa). I know this is you. I even told her I know this is you. You want my mum and sister to look like the bad people. They can never be the bad people.”

A while back, Hamisa picked a public and very bitter fight with popular Tanzanian producer, entrepreneur and presenter Zamaradi Mketema.

The drama began when Zamaradi hosted the who is who in Tanzanian music industry and Hamisa was not invited.

After the party was a success, Hamisa claimed that Zamaradi stole the idea of the dress design – that she wore during the unveiling party – from her.

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Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Zamaradi responded to the claims by shaming Hamisa and setting the record straight. She said, as a matter of fact, the design is hers and that she had loaned it to Mobetto.

Anyhow, during the back and forth, Diamond claims that Hamisa enlisted the help of internet trolls to diss Zamaradi during the fight.

Diamond said in an interview with Wasafi TV:

“Also I have seen you send people to troll people and you sent the same people to say mean things about my family. Because you sent them to troll (TV personality) Zamaradi.”

The singer added that Hamisa has gone to witch doctors to compel him to marry her.

“What you are doing is not right. You should focus on your businesses and your work instead of going to the witch doctors to charm me into marrying you.”

Adding, “Why do you want to do that?”

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