Diana Marua has a large following by virtue of the fact she is ‘married’ to controversial gospel artiste, Bahati.

Her celebrity status has worked in her favor, yet it has also been a tough walk with all the hate the public has shown her.

Diana took to social media to reveal her thoughts about people she has encountered.

I wish I met some people a little earlier, some a little later and some…. never at all. Such is life, not everybody is meant to stay. However, the goal is to not make the same mistake twice 😘. *Sambarry with me on this?

Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

Could she be talking about former friends she would go clubbing with or could it be the ex she caught cheating with another woman in his car in their parking lot?

Bahati reveals Diana’s statement that threw him off as they celebrate 3 years

She seems happy with life with her husband and new friends so she probably will not make the same mistake twice.

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