Pierra Makena is a proud single mother.

From her previous post, she has always made it clear she is at a good place raising her gorgeous baby and you can always tell she is a mother who is very much available.

We do not know who her baby daddy is, she has decided to hide that from the world despite speculation from her followers.

Pierra Makena during her party/ Photo By Moses Mwangi

It is actually very rare to hear Pierra talk about the baby daddy issue unless she is provoked by some hater. But this time things are different.

Pierra Makena posted a picture of her grown baby girl during her first stage performance. She is a proud mother saying:

This week has been one great one.. but the highlight of it..was my baby’s 1st concert…I was literally in tears and overjoyed at how mature and composed she was… It was such a proud moment

Pierra Makena and her daughter

Well despite all the excitement, one thing Pierra is regret that her daughter’s father was not present to see how far baby Riccahas come.

and for a minute I wished the Father would have seen this

He might not be there but as they say, it takes a village to raise a child and clearly Pierra’s village is available.

but again the ones who were there for her gave more real love…one thing I have learned is that so much of what we learn about love is taught by those who never loved us.

Pierra Makena and her daughter

This past week, Pierra has been making rounds all thanks to the Smirnoff Battle of The Beats but she still makes time to take her daughter step by step in her journey of growth.

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I will for one say I do salute single mothers who put in so much effort to make money but still make enough time to raise their children.

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