If you had missed Pastor Ng’ang’a , the dramatic sermons and controversies, he is back and this time with a solution for coronavirus.

In a video posted on his Neno Evangelism channel, Fagilia TV, he was giving his online congregation their daily does of God’s word.

In the middle of his sermon, he started coughing and then he jokingly told those behind the camera he doesn’t have coronavirus so they shouldn’t be worried.

Pastor Ng’ang’as emotions were elevated and he started claiming that through the power of God, he can heal all the corona patients in Kenya if only he was given the chance.

“If only the government, actually the world would allow me to. I would have all the coronavirus infected patients and we try God. Because God has told us to try him. I would be locked with the patient in one house but they have to be believers of God, people of faith. I would take my guitar and play it alongside my followers and talk to our God of all creations. I would sing the song. ‘Hakuna Mungu kama wewe’. I would have praised God as I face the patients and I would not even have to touch them but you will see the wonders of God.” Ng’ang’a said.

He added that God is not shaken by anything including this virus that has taken over the world.


If there is a God who saved Daniel, my God I wish I was given that chance. If there has been cancer, HIV, kidney failure and God has still healed people from them, I wish I was given the chance to practice his power I have and the world would have known there is a God and he can not be scared by corona.

If there is a man who was 100% confidence, we have to give it to the man of God, Ng’ang’a.

Pastor Ng’ang’a climbs a tree in the wilderness to pray and fast for Kenyans

At this time, everyone wants to try anything to help curb coronavirus. In as much we know what he is saying can not be done, especially after the government shut down any church services, we hope Pastor Ng’ang’a can still pray for the world to get over this trying time.

Watch the video below:

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