Anerlisa Muigai is head over heels in love with Ben Pol and I can tell because she is acting exactly how I act when I am in love.

She has been posting pictures to confuse her enemies on whether she is pregnant or not. Re harshing new old pictures or posting selfies and if it is a full picture, we get to see her in baggy clothes.

She has not confirmed nor denied these allegations but one thing she is sure about over and over again is her love for Ben Pol.

Anerlisa said yes to Ben after he went down on one knee to propose to her during their vacation in Mombasa. Out of excitement, she reposted all her congratulatory messages from her fans, family and friends.

Over the past month, she has been spending so much time with her fiancé perhaps because they are planning for their white wedding?

‘I have never seen myself as a mum’ Anerlisa not ready to make Ben Pol a father

She shared a video on social media of her and Ben Pol, where she confirmed that even in another life, she would choose him.

God has blessed me with many things but nothing compares to having somebody who makes you sane, human and most of all God fearing. I would still choose you over and over again my love

I don’t know about you, but Anerlisa and Ben Pol are just too adorable.

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