Singer Chemutai Sage is a mother of one daughter together with rapper King Kaka. Though she leads a very private life, she has finally spoken about her family.
In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on breakfast with the stars, she talked about her mother and her other siblings.
“I come from a family of ten children, my mum raised all of us even after my dad passed away.”
She has a new song dedicated to her mother titled ‘What I am’ which she wrote twelve years ago.
“The song is so special to me as it is a dedication to my mum. I wrote is 12 years ago for her, but she heard it this month a day before her birthday. I can barely sing that song without crying and I never perform it in public.”
She said it was a dedication to her mum who really worked so hard to ensure that they all went to school even with the absence of their dad.
“My mum struggled so much after my dad passed away when we were still so young and the odds were very much against her, but she managed to take all of us to school. By the time I was writing this song, I was thinking how my mum is a super woman.”
Well, the singer also says that she treasures her mum because she took care of Sage after experiencing postpartum depression.
“My mother stood by me the whole time, she used to bring breakfast in my bed for like the past two to three months, wash my baby. She has made it known to me that she loves me.
When I gave birth it was super hard for me to adjust to being a mother. It was stressful because I was use to being out most of the time and now all over sudden you have to be in the house all through. You have this person who you are sleep deprived. You start off, hating yourself for not being the mother that are shown on TV. You are constantly so negative and even you feel like you do not want to be in the world any more.
If you do not not have the right support from people you can easily end up being suicidal which will hurt even your kid.
I realize that people do not tell you about it before you are a mother adding that, “a lot of thing happens and I think there should be classes for both the mother and the dad” 
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