A single photo Nigerian rapper Ice Prince took with Vanessa Mdee is the reason she is single after it irked Juma Jux. Don’t take my word for it, take Juma Jux’ as he explained how his relationship with the comely lass came to an end.

”I had traveled, I saw a photo she took with Ice Prince. I was with friends and felt very embarrassed. I understood its work but I just lost it. She asked if she could delete the photo, I said no but that’s where our problems began. I jokingly asked her to look for another boyfriend. She said yes, but I regret it a lot, I should not have done that.”

Jealousy. Can you relate with Juma Jux? He saw his beautiful girlfriend pose for a photo that he found alittle too suggestive and he allowed the green-eyed monster t take root in his heart. Who was wrong in all this? Should Vanessa Mdeee not have taken advantage of the photo op?

In case you don’t know! Meet the new bae driving Juma Jux crazy…

Should Juma Jux have tolerated the photo and ignored his friends? Whatever your feelings about how this handsome couple came to an end, check out Juma Jux as he explains the situation: