Bruce Odhiambo breathed his last at midnight on January 7. He did not get to see today. May he rest in peace.

Bruce was known for his music production skills under his company Johari Cleff. Also due to his close friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Bruce was gazetted as the Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman before he resigned in 2016.

On Monday, Bruce was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at Nairobi Hospital after his blood pressure hit extremely low levels.

Here is a detailed statement on his health from his pals. It read:

“Our friend Bruce Odhiambo has been unwell since October when he went to India for replacement of the pacemaker and he developed lots of complications after he returned in November. The body reacted to the new medication he was given and he got blisters on his hands and legs which became septic.

“On Christmas day, his blood pressure went too low so he had to be rushed to the ICU and he was also kept in seclusion for the wounds to be treated well.

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“His BP has never stabilised thus really affected the functioning of the pacemaker and they couldn’t do dialysis coz his heart was quite weak.

On Saturday morning 4am, he suffered a massive cardiac arrest and he had to be put on full life support. His family had to be called in for counseling and prayers too but this morning, his BP fell further to a low of 54 and the family was called in again.

“As I write this, it’s risen again marginally to 112 and we hope it will stabilise…He’s really put up a good fight so please let’s keep praying for his recovery…today (January 7), he is still in a bad state and the BP is down again (44). The only thing that’s keeping even the nurses hopeful is the fact that he’s still conscious and they’ve given him everything to the maximum till they can’t go beyond the current limits. We keep praying.”

But he breathed his last at midnight that night.

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Bruce posted a message on his Instagram months before his death.

It read:

“Good Morning. Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived.”

Adding, “Sometimes happy, other times rough… But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong.”

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