Kenyan male artiste, Rigga, has been in the music industry for years and his music is quite unique and always tends to send a message to his audience.

He was first signed to Kijiji Records, when Kanji thought he was really talented and wanted to record music with him.

Earlier before in an interview with Kiss FM’s Adelle Anyango, he had revealed that he recorded one of his songs ‘Chumbani’ from the bedroom, leaving us wondering if he is married.

Well, Kiss FM’s Maloko Show host Chito Ndlovu also hosted Rigga on Monday night, where he talked about one of his songs Above it all.

When asked about his love life, he was quick to narrate his love journey.

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He related one of his songs with his family;

“When I did the song it was from a  very personal place, I mean the growing pain as you start to relate and grow in a relationship with someone there is always a learning curve sometimes a very steep one. This was me being open about the relationship between me, my wife and my son, this song applies to everyone who is married and even the way we relate with our siblings.

I have been married for three years, and we had good times. We had known each other before we got married and therefore when we settled together, we had already had a our good time and it was time to have our first child.”

He joked and said when they got their first baby, they went home and they were like, ghosh none of them was a parent before and therefore when the baby cried they would wonder how to handle him.

Chito further asked him how his wife allowed him to have his song Chumbani recorded from their bedroom as many girls would not allow that. He complimented his wife and said,

“She is so super supportive and she was always ready to correct him when he did his production. My wife loves music but she is not a musician. It feels so good when a person who is not in music corrects your work. I am a bit more open than I used to be before I got married”.

He was 26 years when he got married, but hesitated to reveal his wifes age only disclosing that she is slightly older than him.

He said his experience with his wife is the best and its not all about the years but the season of life that you are in.

His personal and interesting advice to people?

“If you want to get married, marry your best friend  because all those things  that are seen cute will perish, and that life is not a soap opera but it helps when you doing life with someone who is your best friend.”

Listen to the whole interview below;

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