Emmy Kosgei/ Instagram

Emmy Kosgei is one lady who has learnt to speak about a matter if she sees it fit to address.

So much has been said about her over the years which has affected her in one way or another but she has never given up.

Emmy Kosgei/ Instagram

A while back, she was blasted on social media after she posted a photo of her kneeling in front of her husband. People thought she was pushing it too far, but was she?

Emmy has taken to social media to shut noisemakers who say things about her yet they don’t know what she’s going through.

Emmy Kosgei/ Instagram

She wrote, “I bear scars oo let no man trouble me ! My skin is already thick , I like being arround people who have been through stuff.. they get my attention … but if you havent gone through what i have gone through shhhhhhh 😷 Z I P ! You will never understand my story!! Leave me alone #achaniRinge 😂😂😂 #IAMAPRODUCTOFGRACE !! Do i have people whove been theough stuff?? 💪💪💪.”

Here are some of the comments;


  • vivian.cherotich.98: I also have scars and have been through thick and thin but God has been on my side. He has uplifted me from grass to grace. I praise and worship His Holy Name
  • ruth_blessing_favoured: Been through alot and I have scars that only God Himself came and restored my life .this God do so good am aliving testimony
  • wanjirushiros: Yes Emmy i’ve bn thro a lot but God’s grace is sufficient and awesome. ..Jesus always gives us strength to those who put their hope in Him. That dress is cute
  • wangechilily: Mercy Lord, if it wasnt for His unending grace the world could have swallowed me.. ive been through it all. But His grace has been sufficient. I cant imagine myself anywhere else but Under His grace…
  • evatwili: Someone once told me ‘if you don’t understand my pain, you won’t understand my praise’!!!

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