Pierra Makena has come out to address alot of questions that she keeps on being asked about her personal life.

Speaking to Parents Magazine, Pierra said that she was attracted to DJing because back then, there were very few female DJs. So she took advantage of the opportunity by curving a niche for herself.

Pierra revealed, “For me it was first, the passion and the fact that there were not many female DJs and I wanted to be different. So, I wanted to be a radio DJ and at the the time there was none either.”  

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She was then asked about her dating life and specifically who her baby daddy is.

Pierra did not shy away from the question.

“Everybody knows, It is just that I have never said it,” she said adding, “Most people know who he is. It is just that I have never said it myself.”

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Adding, “It is because I don’t owe anybody that. Ohh say this is the person I’m sleeping with.  So, I let it be. I’m just like you know what, most people do know and if you look at baby and you look at the father you will know. It is just that I don’t like being the one to say it.”

She, together with her beautiful daughter Ricca is on the cover of the April cover of Parent’s magazine.

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