#ifikiewazazi: Kenyans angered by teenagers taking suggestive photos on the streets

This week has been crazy with so much happening. But one instance has really angered Kenyans to a point everyone is worried we are heading to a really ugly path.

Photos of teenagers taking suggestive or raunchy photos on the streets have been going round on social media and the public is very angry with them. Many are blaming parents, saying that they have neglected their roles as parents and make sure they instill discipline in their children.

There’s much society can do, but parents have an upper hand to making sure their kids act responsibly.

Well, on The Big Scoop with Adelle, Shaffie and Mpasho’s Uncle Chim Tuna, the discussion was pretty hot with Shaffie stating that if parents paid attention to their kids and their behaviours, this can easily be controlled.

Here the full discussion;

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