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She broke off her engagement with Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young in 2016 following cheating allegations.

And on Monday, rapper Iggy Azalea revealed she was in a really dark place before and after the split.

Iggy Azalea/ Instagram

Speaking to Kyle And Jackie O on their KIIS FM radio show, the 27-year-old said she was ‘depressed’ even before the breakup and nearly gave up.

‘It was just everything – where I was at in my career, with my personal life and my professional life, the whole thing,’ Iggy said of mid-2016.

Speaking to the radio duo about her new track Savior, she said she wanted to write about the testing times in her life.

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‘Things were already rocky music wise before the breakup (with Nick),’ she said.

‘I was already depressed, very sad in the house before any breakup or any of those things, that was just the cherry on top that made my life kind of unrecognisable.

‘I just got to a point where I was like I either want to give up or I have to find something that’s going to make me keep going and I decided, “I’m going to get back in the studio and I’m going to keep writing,”‘ she added.

Iggy Azalea/ Instagram

It’s not the first time Iggy has spoken up about tough times.

Speaking to Power 106 FM in March 2016 before splitting from Nick, the Fancy singer said harsh criticism from other celebrities, such as Azalea Banks, left her nearly ending her life.

‘It can make a person feel like, “Well, what do I have left to live for?”‘ she said.

‘There were times when I just wanted to quit life, the whole thing, really.”

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