Since the quarantine period started, it’s been over two months now and the excitement everyone had when it came to working from home, has worn off.

More than ever we all miss outside and are eager for things to return to normal where we went wherever we wanted whenever we felt like.

One celebrity who can’t wait for that moment as well is Eunice Njeri.

In fact the gospel star is too eager and has already penned down a list of 16 things she plans on doing after we are given an all clear.

Going through her list, one can’t help but note that Eunice misses going to church and she plans on going back to church more than before.

Check out her list below;

Things I want to do after quarantine!!
1)Go to church
2)burn them masks
3)Go to church
4)find my passport ,its here somewhere ūüĎÄ
5)Go to church
6)eat tilapia fish ya barabara
7)Go to church
9)Go to church again
10)Starbucks with @marlieshoogteijling
11)Go to church this time I’ll get a lift from¬†@haleymillar22
12)caramel macchiato with @hannahkrezi and @kennedykrezi and
13)head over to, you know it!!! church!!!
14)preach in a random bus
15) wear a Sunday best on a Tuesday
16)and then go to church and sing very loudly….God knows my prayer…
What’s your plan?