Nyota Ndogo

Yesterday being Valentines day coast based singer Nyota Ndogo was among those who poured out their hearts to their better halves.

Nyota Ndogo and her husband
Nyota Ndogo and her husband

I love him every day. Valentine’s doesn’t mean that you only celebrate your lover on that day. To me, Valentine’s is just a normal day. I love my husband so much,” said Nyota Ndogo.

The mother of two further talked about her plans for this year and she urged her fans to expect more music this year. She also revealed that she was busy constructing houses for rent in Voi and soon, the project will be completed.

I had planned to release songs before Valentine’s but I’m a bit busy for now. I’m constructing rentals and as soon as I’m done with this project, I will go back to music.”

Nyota Ndogo, who’s known for hits such as Watu na Viatu, is among the few celebrities who engage their trolls. Unlike singer Akothee who insults her critics, Nyota takes every criticism positively.

Fans mean a lot to me. I always engage them, positively though because they are the reason why I get paid. Without them, all my shows would flop. Celebrities should learn to accept criticism,” she said.

Recently, the multitalented artiste was trolled after she shared a makeup gone wrong pic on social.

Nyota Ndogo

Some of the comments included :

Kokusimah: Uwe unajufanyia zile zako za Denmark ni nzuri kuliko hawa.

Esha.salim: Huyo diye alikupaka wakati wa waharusi

Vijimambo_mambo: 😂😂😂😂😂ivi huwa wanajifunzia usoni kwako?? Weusi wako unahtaji makeup kidogo tu

Tracydynah: No walikupaka nyingi hupendezi aki

Pinkyrollyne: Amekuenjoy..You look good natural or ukijifanyia mild make-.This is a No!

Prettynje: Wachana na makeup kabisaa…..stay natural ww ni mrembo ivo

Pearlkamau: Isaa a big No!

Kageha.karen: I think u beautiful without make up this one Issa no

Vickierucu: Never do it again, you look creepy

Heliannastacia: Kusema hukweli hii ni mbaya sana sio poa.

But Nyota Ndogo has developed a thick skin and she’s never going to let negativity distract her. She disclosed that this time round she didn’t feel intimidated and humiliated like last time during her wedding.

I trended because of makeup fail on my wedding. I was insulted but I wasn’t bothered. I was reading the comments and laughing at the keyboard warriors who attacked me. This time round (the recent makeup fail), I never expected people to talk. My make up was done by a professional makeup artist and I wanted to showcase her work only to be mocked online.”

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