‘I’m not about to date a slay queen ‘ Khaligraph Jones makes it clear

Khaligraph Jones is not about to share with the public anything to do with his relationship. A few days ago, Khaligraph Jones posted photos of him with a hot beb and it raised questions if that’s his new girlfriend.

In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, he was asked if he’s in a new relationship, but he was tight lipped about that question.

At this point of the knowledge that I have as far as music goes, I ain’t talking about that. I learned my lesson. Going forward you will never know nothing aside from the music that I release, that is as far as it goes,” he explained.

In his Insta stories, he once asked his fans if they think it’s time for him to have kids.

During the interview, he revealed that he had to ask that because people have been asking him where his kids are.

It’s just life. I’m outchea like the OG that I am and I felt like I needed to put that question out there coz with my age, a lot of people tend to think that I’m older and when I tell them I’m about to turn 28, they are like hakuna. They think I’m like 32 or 33. So constantly they be asking me Jones where are your kids at. Personally, I felt like I needed to put that question out there and get people’s opinions and that’s what I did.”

So what does Khaligraph think is important when looking for a serious relationship?

There are those basic qualities that you’d look for in a woman. For me as the OG, discipline, I’m not about to date a slay queen, so you have to know your limits and just have to be obedient coz I’m out here and I’m talking out of experience. You have to listen to me, I’ve been in the industry I know how these bloggers out here be acting up. So if I tell you not to do this or do that, you better listen to me.

Here’s the full video;

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