Miss World Kenya Roshanara Ebrahim

The Kenyan dethroned beauty queen has refused to go down without a vicious fight. Roshanara Ebrahim has called out Terry Muigai, the Franchise Director of Miss World Kenya for “dethroning” her in an “ill conceived” manner.

In a statement Roshanara says Muigai “knowingly and falsely misinformed the entire public that I had acknowledged and accepted the ‘dethronement’ of the Miss World Kenya title.”

The beauty queen also debunked the claims by Muigai in her press release dated July 29 that claimed Roshanara was in breach of contract by not being able to “manage their public and private life.”

“I never breached  nor been informed of any breach of any code of conduct or contract known to me,” Roshanara said, “I conducted myself in a manner that is consistent with my status.”

She added that the “dethronement was ill conceived, lacks any basis. I am aggrieved and seeking legal recourse and i will be seeking legal recourse.”

Speaking to Word Is after the release of the statement, Roshanara also laughed off some of the blog coverage that claims she was dethroned for being “sick, pregnant and being linked to a politician…the reason I’m going to court is to clear this. I’m not pregnant. I’m not sick and i have never met [Moses] Kuria to date.”

Roshanara who has not given up her title yet, signed off the statement with “Miss World Kenya 2016” continued, “I came from nothing, worked clean to build a name and life for myself, they’re trying to put me down, but I’ll stay true to myself, I’m already an example to young girls out there, I cannot succumb to weakness.”

So what is her plans after this, “I’m still figuring it all out. I’d put all my energy into bringing the international crown. Kenya has lost someone who really had her heart in the right place. I believed the crown would be brought home with a passion.”