Nairobi Diaries has a new cast and it includes a Kenyan guy with a British accent. His name is Trapking Chrome.

This is not the first time, Trapking is grabbing headlines, he was the main suspect when his girlfriend, Tinu Collins, 25, fell off the 5th floor of their apartment complex in Lavington.

Trapking Tinu Collins
Trapking Chrome with the former girlfriend Tinu Collins

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Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Tinu said that her Kenyan boyfriend, Trapking Chrome, did not throw her off the balcony but rather she slipped and fell during an argument.

Tinu said: “Basically I was a bit drunk sitting on the balcony to get a bit of fresh air. I was having an argument with my boyfriend. My foot slipped. I grabbed onto the railings to pull myself up, but I couldn’t and fell from the fifth floor. I was conscious when I fell.”

Trapking Chrome added, “Everyone’s saying I’m the one who’s pushed my fiancée, but the truth is I didn’t push her. I was in the living room. She went outside to get some fresh air and she slipped. It happened in a matter of seconds.”

He continued, “I ran downstairs immediately. She was laying down on the floor, screaming. That’s how I knew she was alive, because she was making a noise. I thought she had died. It’s pretty high up. But she’s alive. Thank God she’s alive.”

he is back on TV now as a reality star. ANd fans are making fun of his looks.

Here is a viral meme of Trapking that has made rounds online and on Whatsapp groups.

Trapking Chrome

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Reacting to the meme, Trapking said, “Mother f*ckery, you creative-*ss-junkie will not receive any photo credits for this, however, your editing did make me laugh! I do have a sense of humor.

I’m here to teach all ugly men such as myself, haha, how to be Confident and Ugly at the same damn time. Remember men u must also show up on set high and eat like a pig! #GTPGANG #TrapKingChrome #TeamChrome #TeamUk #TeamUgly #BlackIsBeautiful”

A fan, aisha_3074, advised Trapking, “B4 calling your self ugly be grateful for what you have. You are alive and breathing. You arent handicapped in anyway.go to the hospital and see people who have burns all over their body..nd am not saying they are the ugly ones nooooo….and to whoever calls anyone ugly you have not lived to see don’t know anything about the future. So STOP…”

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