Never ever! Zari Hassan has publicly denounced Diamond Platnumz.

She revealed that she can neer take back her baby daddy. The Ugandan businesswoman cited infidelity as the main cause of their break up.

Recently one of her followers asked Zari if she would forgive the singer even if he begs for forgiveness but she said she cannot.

let me ask you if diamond comes today and apologizes, would you forgive him and get back together with him?

Zari responded, saying:

now you, why are you bringing me porridge in a bar surely.

Check out the screenshot


Zari, a single mother of five, has in the past accused Diamond of not being there for their kids. She said raising kids alone is not easy.

After the breakup, the businesswoman revealed that they were co-parenting. Part of her post read:


Diamond And Zari

Zari has many times taken to social media to write a few wise words to Tanasha, cautioning her against hooking up with Diamond. She has many times said that he can never change. He cheated not once and not twice so be sure that the cycle will continue.

‘More flowers, no drama,’ Zari Hassan throws subtle jabs at Diamond

She has also alleged that her baby daddy does not take care of their two adorable children but thank God she is independent so she doesn’t really need his money but sometimes it not all about the money, a fathers love is more important.

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