Val Marua is at it again! She is now making everyone in EMB mad and now it has gone as far as upsetting Diana Marua.

Val who is Diana’s younger sister has caused friction between so many people and now she is affecting Bahati and Diana’s marriage.

According to Mama Heaven, the gospel artiste came home moody and did not help Diana with their son Majesty who can become a bit too grumpy at night. He just came home and slept with no word to his wife.

The next morning, he was walking out to work without having breakfast or even a word to his wife. She asked him what the problem is because he has become mad and moody.

What is making me mad is the person you brought in the office. You can’t bring me a relative who doesn’t want to cooperate. Come rain come sunshine I have to fire Val but I had to tell you

Diana Bahati

Diana was surprised how his problems with her sister Val is making the two have problems.

That is why you’re showing me attitude? You seem to be having problems with everyone. What are you hiding?

Bahati interjected saying,

What is the work of a PA? a surveillance officer or you’ve brought her in as CCTV?

you can not come to my meetings and poke in. I gave her a job and she is already bringing problems. Day one she comes dressed in slippers. She is fighting with people in the office. I do not even want to think of the fact that I will be spending my day with her in the office.

After Bahati walked out for work without having breakfast, Diana decided to call her sister and tell her that she can not come in between her marriage. They agreed to meet in the salon in the afternoon.

Val walked in and said hi to her sister with so much psyche but the response was low

“why are you moody.” Val asked

Mama Heaven could not wait to release all the bitterness in her heart.

“Val, how do you behave? Day one what did you go dressed in? Why are you snooping around people’s lives? What is wrong with you? You’re being given a job and you just start causing drama. How are you given a job and you start choosing? Baha has come home he is not talking to me because of you.” DIana scolded

Val tried to justify herself saying,

I was doing both jobs. You sent me to get you the gist on your husband and then now you decide to throw me under the bus.

‘I deal with it as it comes’ Diana Marua on her relationship with Bahati’s baby mama

The argument got so heated, Val decided to walk out and get a breather and that upset Diana.

Val I get you a job and you walk out on me.

The mother of three was in shock she mentioned that her sister is very rude and ungrateful.

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