Bahati is tired of his sister-in-law’s nosiness.

Varl, who is Diana Marua’s sister, is always in her their marital home and because of this, Bahati thought it was best to hook her up with someone who will keep her busy.


huyu sister in law ako so nosy, she just wants to be in my business and in my conversation with Diana. i want to hook Val up with someone

Varl was excited because well…she has nothing to lose. Bahati suggested Moji Short Baba, who is a friend to the family.

Diana Marua was quick to reject that idea, claiming Moji has a lot of kiherehe and Val echoed this sentiment saying:

moji has too much kiherehere and i can’t deal with that 

The big day for the date arrived and Val had no idea who she was meeting. She is a tomboy and she was anxious because she kept wondering what if she lost she could not hold a conversation with him?

shock on me. the date was bahati’s brother Ndirangu

The fact that he is Bahati’s brother was a deal breaker for her however Ndirangu did not see anything  wrong with the whole situation.

ooh my Ndirangu and the way you’re boring

Before Val discovered the identity of her date, she was nervous

i was worried. how will i eat in front of this new date. 

Diana’s sister was still concerned at the fact that they are practically brother and sister, but Ndirangu gave her a real-life analogy to justify their ‘relationship’ saying:

why do you think Indians intermarry? it’s because at least it is someone they already know 

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After all was said and done, the two had a good time. Ndirangu showered her with lovey-dovey words saying she is a cartoon and he loves a good laugh.

He enjoyed her company but all she had to say was she enjoyed the food.

Let’s wait and see on the next episode of being Bahati if the first date was enough to start something.

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