Everyone is singing and dancing to Drake’s In My Feeling single that has now become a viral dance challenge.

An Instagram star who goes by the name of “The Shiggy Show” started the challenge that took on his name on the social media network.

The dance challenge entails celebs, online bigwigs and anyone interested in taking up the challenge dancing as follows.

  1. Show off dance moves that caricature the lyrics of Drake’s song “In My Feelings”
  2. The dance will see you interpreting lyrics like “Are you riding?” by dancing and miming steering a car
  3. Making a heart with his hands for lyrics like “Keke, do you love me?”
  4. You then caption the video used the hashtags, #InMyFeelingsChallenge, #TheShiggyChallenge and #DotheShiggy.

There have been thousands of fans who have taken up the challenge and shown off their own interpretive dance videos to Drake’s song.

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Here are five of the best I have seen so far…


Kevin Hart

The homeless guy

The Dentist still working on a patient

The daredevil dancing on a moving bike on the highway

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