Former news anchor Janet Mbugua is hitting back big time at pregnancy bump shamers, narrating how trolls made her focus on motherhood.

Trolls took aim at her for working while pregnant saying things such as ”you look disgusting, you shouldn’t be on TV when pregnant and you are a wearing a dress that is suffocating your unborn child.’

Janet took on one such critic asking them

 so what about being pregnant?, how did you come into the world? Don’t you know you are insulting your mum?

What she didn’t except was her clapback would receive a positive feedback from others.

After going dragon mode on her haters, some people supported her and that’s how she started her motherhood journey.

Janet Mbugua

This inspired Janet Mbugua to start her walk with other women who have gone through the same or even worse.

She thought this was over after giving birth but it wasn’t.

Just after a morning meeting when she was back from maternity leave one of her boss’ gave them a warning on getting pregnant .

‘I had just undergone a laparoscopy for ovarian endometriosis’ Janet Mbugua

Janet recalls the boss being so mean he always had the guts to insult women and this made her rise an alarm to stop it.

Now Janet has various initiatives to help women in their pregnancies stages.

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