Julie Gichuru

Today, women across the World are being celebrated.

Kenyan female celebrities have taken to social media to share their messages with fans and other women as they mark this day.

Below are messages from different celebrities.

Julie Gichuru

Empowering girls could be the single most transformative thing we can do for Africa. It gives me such great pleasure to see girls find their voice. These girls become strong empowered women. We can all do something to contribute to equality.

Janet Mbugua

Happy #internationalwomensday! As you celebrate or mark this day, I ask that you focus on introspection as a way to find the power within you. Use that power to influence someone’s life for the better. Collectively, let’s speak for those that can’t and let’s push for change where we see unfairness. #EachForEqual #IWD #IWD2020 #WomensDay #WomensMonth #BeInspired

Nana Gecaga

💜 HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY… here’s to ALL the girls and women around the world doing their part NOW which in turn will make it that much easier for the girls and women who will come after them 💜

Grace Msalame

Happy International Women’s Day!

This labour of love is finally here🙌🏾After a 5year Partnership Sowairina By Vivo has been birthed & this week our first Collection together will be available in stores.
My small way of celebrating Women this month🙏🏾💜 From a long line of Fashion enthusiasts- My grandma was a seamstress, my Auntie to date is a designer, my father had an eye for fashion & my sister loves to create herself & I absolutely love to play dress up & experiment! So this is a journey I’m very excited about🤗& I truly hope you find something you like

The women who should be every aspiring female journalists role models

Teacher Wanjiku

Happy women’s day to all the super women who keep their focus . Who go out and get things done, who support each other❤️💯

Nyota Ndogo
Girls should never be afraid to be smart, Happy women’s day my loves 😊
#womensday #JeWewe #NyotaNdogo

Kate actress

This is our day 🤗. There is so much beauty in celebrating one another . Let’s do it more often women ❤️

Nyce Wanjeri

Happy international women’s day to every woman out there. You need to know that you are enough… Be blessed women 😘😍.

iamcheroo_ Happy women’s day!!! May God bless the hands of your work WOMAN. I’m grateful that i have the opportunity to draw strength from Him and continue to be a blessing where I can. 🙏🏾

Anita Nderu

Happy international women’s day to each and every one of you amazing women. I chose this photo cause it has that I have something to say look😂
I have had the honor of being influenced by incredible women but I have also had the unfortunate luck of being mistreated by them. So I say this to you today just incase you have been in my shoes, you shall be fine. Being mistreated did not change how I view women it made me want to purposely ensure that no other woman feels how I felt and no other woman should think it is okay to be so inhuman.
Women really are each other’s worst enemy and it is so unnecessary. The pie is so massive there needs not to be one queen. We can all win.
How cool would it be if we looked after each other and treated each other like we do everything else? Can we just sisterhood the hell out of each other please? If men can do it surely we can do it better. We are better at everything 😅
I fiercely love, support and root for womankind.
Let’s woman up! We are an incredible specie💕 Let us always be there for each other💕 Empowered women, Empower women. Be confident enough in yourself and your ability 💕
#Happyinternationalwomensday #Womensday