These Wasafi Records guys can be real clowns. The last time their video trended for the wrong reason, it was because one of their dancer’s weaves had fallen off her head as she was dancing.

Now it is because Kenyans have spotted a used condom in Rayvanny’s new music video. Why this is monumental is because this might be one of the reasons wy Rayvanny’s relationship with Fahima or as she used to call herself, Fahyvanny came to such a tumultuous end.

Down but not out: Fahima, Rayvanny’s ex wife lands big endorsement deal

And add to that the fact that he had just come from being accused of being a philanderer, a fact that he denied vehemently and Fahima even came out in his defence and you can get why he looks like a clown.

Rayvanny’s wife breaks her silence over Rayvanny cheating scandal

Anyway, check out the video for yourself and decided whether the condom is indeed present in the music video and whether it has been used or not: