Radio presenter Adelle Onyango has been off air since Monday 13, this week, and her Team Adelle family has terribly missed her? So, where is this bubbly presenter?

Well, her fellow presenters Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru are speculating that she could be on honeymoon, but how can this be possible and yet we have not heard of any wedding bells or hints that she is getting hitched?

Well, calm down folks, Adelle Onyango is just on holiday, taking some time off her busy schedule to unwind and have a little fun. The exuberant radio personality is on vacation in Watamu, at the Coast region.

Adelle hinted of her visit there on Wednesday 15, as she was preparing to fly to Watamu the next day. She posted the photo below with the caption; “While packing to go off to Watamu this treat is delivered to my gate!!!!”


Well, you can be sure that she is having good fun and relaxation, she deserves it! Well, there you have it, Adelle is on vacation and not honeymoon.

Check out more photos that Adelle posted while while at the breath-taking Watamu town.