Davido’s girlfriend Chioma Avril is being accused of turning into a slay mama to please and keep him, but the question is, is there any truth to it?Pictures of her dressed in very revealing clothes, you be the judge, which people are claiming is unlike her, have started circulating and have got people talking.

Some of her fans and those of her boyfriends have all left comments that you can read below.


  • levelchymakEverything is not all about money. Dress decent. Chioma advertising your breast and body will only bring you down. Once you are pregnant na Lols. I like you but listen to advice”

followed by another comment,

  • omaarizeYou are too beautiful to show off ur body this way… Plss don’t do that.



What if her new style of dressing is in tune with the new fashion trend, remember he said she only wears designer or she’s just finally comfortable in her skin?

It’s to be expected though, as the pop star on several occasions, has maintained his girlfriend is decent and unlike any other girl he’s dated, including his baby mamas and we went along with.

Since the Chioma we were introduced to by him was both internet and camera shy and honestly looked every bit what he had himself said but now we are not so sure.

Like the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover but frankly we were judging her by what her boyfriend said and what we saw in pictures and videos.But we might do the same too, if we were in her shoes and dating someone like the “IF” crooner. Why? because no day goes by without women throwing themselves at him.

And need we say, wearing all kinds of suggestive and revealing clothes, which brings us back to David saying, she’s exactly his type, so why change and now?.Can we dare say, she’s experiencing a sense of insecurity in the relationship like most women, particularly those in her position. Shocking right? after all the Porsche and songs written about and for her.

Where’s the “Assurance” in their “envied relationship”? if that’s why she’s changing, all the same how many men like the singer can boldly say, they take care of their women.We may be judging yet again, by what we see and not what we are privy to, either way her boyfriend sure looks happier than ever with her and might love the changes after all.

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