Diana Marua had an amazing baby shower party with all her close friends in attendance and glammed up.

All we saw in the video was smiles and happy moments but weh, there was so much drama behind the scenes as she was planning for it.

First of all, this party was not in Bahati’s plan at all. So Diana had to plan it all alone. Sleepless nights with a book, pen and calculator.

She was surprised when Bahati confessed after their last doctors visit before Majesty was born he was not planning anything for her. No baby shower and no bump photoshoot. It upset her that she had to negotiate for a baby shower.

For Bahati, it was not important.

It is not that important? I mean this is our second baby. Dear ladies, I do not understand what you women want. I am pissed off. I will not surprise you with a baby shower party organize one yourself.

After days of planning, Diana came up with a conclusive cost of the whole event. She woke her husband up one morning to update him on how much she needs for a successful event.

Meet Majesty, Bahati and Diana Marua’s 3.5kg son (PHOTO)

The gesture upset Bahati so much. He wanted a warm morning and this is what he gets.

I have planned everything and organizers want down payments. If I calculate everything, it sums up to 1.1 million

Baba Majesty was not ready.

What? Is it land I am buying? Does the baby shower make the baby any handsome?

His wife tried defending the whole situation saying she wants something lit. It’s either she goes big or she goes big. No compromise to her standards.

I want it to be glam with a good venue and amazing decor

Bahati ended that discussion saying he will only give her 800,000 and that’s it despite the fact that he thought it was still too much.

For Diana that was not going to work becasuse she was not going to reduce anything. Luckily she had her own money to top up and give her son an amazing reveal party.


Majesty was born and he has received the best treatment so far In fact we have never seen this happen with celebrities before. A whole entourage took him home. Please note the cars are not your ordinary kind of cars.

Check out the grand arrival of Bahati’s son, Majesty home (VIDEO)

His name actually speaks for him.

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