Weh! Even though huu mwaka hakuna makasiriko, people are really out to reveal the face behind the hands that are always touching Betty Kyallo’s face.

Remember the drama between Betty and Ken on social media a few days ago? Ken Mijungu mentioned there was a certain Somali guy who was by her side when her daughter was sick.

The mention of his character by both Ken and Betty Kyallo’s sister, Mercy caught the attention of so Instagram investigators. From both posts, the man has held the family’s hand emotionally, physically and financially. Wouldn’t you also want to know him?

Betty Kyallo implies Denis Okari is a deadbeat father, his best friend responds with fire

Mercy Kyallo went ahead to call him the father of Ivanna because and I quote,

Ken, the “somali guy” took the baby to hospital, made major decisions, while her mother was working. He was there daily, has continued to see her through her recovery in the absence of her biological father, I don’t know what you call father, that is a father to me.

Today, Instagram investigators think, Hon Alinur Mohammed is the great man being addressed in the posts.

From his posts, you can tell he is an aspiring politician come 2022, he is an Entrepreneur and a Regional coordinator medical youth volunteer. He also a die-hard Arsenal supporter.

Kiss100 has done its research and from their pictures and highlights, nothing proves this rumor. So if the two are dating, then a low profile is the foundation of their relationship.

Here is the man social media think is dating Media Personality, Betty Kyallo:

Keep it Kiss100 for more details on whether or not he is the one.

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