Willy Paul is always in people’s mouth. He’s always finding himself in controversy after controversies. I wonder, doesn’t he ever get tired? His stories are really starting to get into people’s nerves and once more he’s at it again.

For a while now, the award-winning gospel singer has been keeping a low profile for quite sometime, after his series of controversies early this year.

This saw both his fans and haters lash out at him but it seems, Willy Paul cannot change. He still seems to want what’s not his. Is he Kenya’s Drake or Chris Brown?



The latest information reaching us is that the controversial singer is now enjoying the warmth of Tracey Macniven, a petite lady, alleged to be Victor Wanyama’s ex-girlfriend.


Willy Paul was pictured with Tracy in his house and she was spotted wearing his clothes. Ok, this is serious if you ask me.



Tracy has in the past shared photos of her and Victor Wanyama enjoying some sweet time together which was quite clear they were an item. But it’s not clear at this moment whether the two are still together or not.

At this point, lets just see how all this unfolds, because clearly its bound to get hot.

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