Kamene and Kibe are trying to help you understand that we are in an era where women have to accept to be shared.

So the duo on The Morning Kiss gave us a list of the various roles the opposite sex play in their lives. Kamene Goro was honest enough to mention that in her life she has men for the following roles:

  1. A guy you have no feelings towards but he is always there for you. He is the same guy you know if you need to get married you have a guy. Ako tu back up.
  2. Then there is a guy who speaks into your mind and your heart. After talking to him you can go and preach because you have all the positive energy you need.
  3. Mr Tarimbo. The guy whose job is in bed. Period
  4. The guy you only see in the house, nowhere else. Why because he is either does not look good or you just trust him enough to keep him in your safe space.

Andrew Kibe has a number of them women in his life who play different roles that he outlined as:

  1. A girl who comes home to just bang and leaves immediately
  2. A girl who washes the dishes after a good night
  3.  A girl you only meet in the house and never introduce to your friends

‘Please have some decorum!’ Kibe shouts at Kamene for reposting a gross DM

Do you have the same list or you just have a constant? It is funny how people are slowly embracing the reality that you will not be the only one in your partner’s life. Life is now about sharing and living with the community.

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