You have no doubt heard what Kamene Goro thinks about Huddah’s hustle aye? Come on homie, it was trending!

Huddah kanauza pudesh! Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe go H.A.M (VIDEO)

You can check it out there and thank me later.

Since then the situation has unfolded like a snowball rolling down a hill; just as the snowball will surely get bigger and bigger, this story will get hotter and hotter.
Huddah fired back a salvo of her own comparing herself to a queen and putting Kamene in the role of the peasant:

Huddah angrily responds to Kamene’s statement on how she affords her lifestyle

Trust Kamene to fuel the fire! She has decided to respond to Huddah with such a perfect one-liner you cannot help but laugh out loud. What is in contention is what Huddah does for a living. And from what I have seen online couch coaches say, she just might be a trollop:

Those Dubai trips: The truth about your favourite Instagram Models

And that is the Achilles heel Kamene has gone after. She took to her IG account and simply said,