Rich Mavoko has come out to defend himself when it comes to the beef between him and his former boss, Diamond Platnumz.

For him, that is over and done with but he can not speak on behalf of Diamond.

There’s no beef really. No feud at all. You see I can’t get into somebody’s heart or mind to know his thoughts. But for me am not mad at him because I believe we were in business and it ended. If we start hating on each other, it appears childish.

rich mavoko

He is glad the drama is over and now he wants to focus on music as his mode of business.

I don’t want to talk more on this but I thank God for it over. Our business was I have a talent, he invests in it. We could not work together so we decided to terminate it so no cause for alarm

Out of emotions, Rich Mavoko started airing out all the drama he went through while at WCB. It was worrying that he was not making music even his own mother was worried.

There were issues that didn’t go as I wished. Even my mum was getting worried. I could stay for long without releasing new songs. I used to record good music but when I ask the label when it will be out they started playing ping pong games.

Rich Mavoko was open enough to say that he quit WCB because he wasn’t seeing a future in terms of his career.

At the end of the day I had to terminate my contract but it was a bit difficult because they couldn’t understand me.  

He continued,

Mum would panic why I was not producing new hits and she would call the management. She used to warn me if my music is not being released then I would be a laughing stock in the industry. When I was there (WCB) I couldn’t foresee anything about my career.

Why Diamond Platnumz likes Harmonize more according to Rich Mavoko

He has released two songs after leaving WCB. Today he has dropped a track alongside Mr Blue that looks promising in terms of views.

Listen to the new jam below:

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