Vanessa Mdee has finally spoken about her relationship with Rotimi and yes she is his new woman.

We spotted her enjoying her holiday in Miami from her social media posts and we noticed she was in the same destination as Rotimi, Power actor.

From their body language, we assumed the two are dating. Girls on the gram were busy congratulating her for the upgrade because manz too hot.

Level up! Vanessa Mdee replaces Juma Jux with ‘Power’ star, Rotimi

In a phone interview with Clouds FM, Vanessa finally admitted to being in a romantic relationship with Rotimi.

Nipo Miami ndio na Mpenzi wangu, sio siri kwamba tuna mahusiano, it’s not a secret. But we would like to keep our relationship private. We love and respect each other so much and wanna keep building

You can clearly tell the Tanzanian singer learned her lesson the hard way. When in a relationship with Juma Jux nothing about their love life was private and the break up was tough on her.

To make matters worse, Jux moved on too fast and introduced his new babe on social media. She is also so gorgeous and the two seem happy.

Similarities between Vanessa Mdee’s ex, Juma Jux and boyfriend Rotimi(PHOTOS)

The most important part at the end of a relationship is to make sure the heart has healed. And from Jux and Vanessa, they seem to have healed.

Love is a beautiful thing and we wish all of them the best.


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