khaligraph Jones

Robbers broke into Khaligraph Jones’ studio and made away with hundreds of thousands of his equipment.

And that was not only it, they dismantled everything at Blue Ink and left a hail storm of wires and broken wood in their wake.

It seems the robbers had sooooo much time that the cleaned the studio clean. They did not leave anything of value behind.

A shocked and horrified Khaligraph posted a video of the distraction and said,

“It is over man studio iko dismantled, it is over. like rap game nimeachana nayo, nimewaachia sasa as in, Im no longer recording music.”

It seems this break-in has set him back sooooo far back to the point where he doesn’t think he will go back to rebuilding the studio.

Khaligraph Jones speaks about his “rolex” and his new album

This comes at a time when he had signed a few artiste up for a recording deal.

A few weeks back he introduced his new signee.

“1st Artist to be signed under Blu ink Corp Studios, Y’all aint even ready for this Kid SAGINI I tell you. watch this space..
Cc Sagini Music

Check out the video of the rampaged studio below.

Update: Khaligraph later told his fans it was a video of the ongoing renovations at the studio. NKT


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