Utawezana by Femi One featuring Mejja is now at 5 million views on YouTube. It took over the trending spot for weeks and so many people jumped on the challenge.

The two were smart to release a song that is responsive and it worked for them especially on TikTok because of people creating a form of conversational video.

One lady who became the face of the song, Azziad  did an amazing video and attracted so many videos and collaborations. Because well, she did it so well and her body is goals for so many ladies and she is beautiful and her smile is contagious.

Though of course with all these positive vibes, we never lack a few negative people who came out to troll her but she is still winning.

Many people became a fan of the song, Utawezana because of her TikTok video and now that it is at a million views a fan feels she needs to be paid.

Femi One posted a screenshot of the views and captioned,

Finally!! We are at 5million views …we can now release another one Yes?!

One follower on the comment section said,

I hope mlikanja aziad kakitu .(I hope ypu paid AZZIAD )

And another lady replied to that and said,

 I doubt,na venye alileta views and made it sth on tiktok too (I doubt and the ways he brought views to the song and made it something on TikTok)

‘Be humble!’ Azziad on the KOT hot seat once again (FULL DETAILS INSIDE)

A not so happy Femi One rubbished the comments with a response saying the song was already trending before she jumped on it.

“The song was already trending on TikTok that’s why she did the challenge because she came across it on Tik Tok.” Femi replied

Many people in the comment section did not agree with Femi saying it was given more attention after Azziad jumped on it. Do you agree?

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