If you follow the Mombassa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s life, you can tell that he has a certain fondness towards the Tanzanian musicians.

It has not made a lot of Kenyan artistes happy because they have been chanting the greatest hashtag #playkemusic.

Well, speaking to Lillian Muli, Joho explained it all saying that it is a strategy so that his people ‘Mombasa artistes’ may be accepted by the Tanzanians wholeheartedly.

what people do not understand is that this is a strategy. so that my people can benefit eventually

He has helped the likes of Ommy Dimpoz, Nandy and Alikiba by fully sponsoring their videos and the end product is simply quality videos.

He also helped Ommy get through his medical bill after going under the knife after his throat brought him a lot of pain.

If you listen to Alikiba’s new song he talks about a lady from 001, Mombasa county code. Nandy a few weeks ago was being linked to Joho as his girlfriends but she exclusively cleared out the rumors. Below:

Exclusive: Nandy clarifies her relationship with Governor Hassan Joho

From the three examples, their music is doing exemplary well with all their songs scooping more than a million views.

Let’s wait and see if Joho’s strategy will work because Kenyans desperately need the support of the government to help grow their career as artistes.

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