If you ever need a good laugh, make sure you tune in to Kiss FM in the morning with Kamene and Kibe because Andrew Kibe always has a story to tell.

Today, he confessed how he has been suffering every time he swipes right on a picture on any online dating site.

His main problem is that they always ask him to pay.

I decided to join the likes of tinder, badoo. You know a site where you get to interact with people you share the same interests. I like you, you like me so let us meet

Andrew Kibe gives out the one phrase that annoys him.

the chic has put all the best pictures and then you’ll hear the keywords, ‘What is in it for me?’ I am stressed beacuse every time you find a good looking babe, you must toboka because you’ll have to pay. It is now a business women can access. This has happened to me 50% of the time

Kamene Goro is surprised that things have become so thick financially now women have gone to the extent of selling their pudesh online as opposed to what we are used to on the road.

It is crazy that after a poll, 59% say yes they will hawk their pudesh online anytime

‘I still have the mark till today’ Andrew Kibe sadly narrates how he was battered

Kamene could not believe this, she had to ask callers to give their stories. One lady called in so angry saying,

nothing is for free. if you want a woman you must pay! I have to maintain myself and so I need money

Another guy called in and said it is worse in Eldoret.

we are at a point in Eldoret where you even get it on loan. You can pay later

Kamene and Kibe say it is not only on dating sites but even on social media. DM’s have become a place to sell your pudesh.

Another male caller said, in this time and age, buying is cheaper than dating so why not.

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