Betty Kyallo has some words of encouragement for her fellow single mothers during this coronavirus pandemic.

She acknowledges it is not easy living in these times when everything may seem like it is falling apart, from businesses to expenses to the children’s sanity and her own for that matter.

The mother of one took to social media a long post to encourage her fellow single mothers.

“To all fellow single parents, I know that this time is just a difficult one … Businesses going down, pay cuts, Being asked to pay half fees, food, essentials, keeping your kids sane and having to do it alone… Keeping yourself sane plus still keeping safe … It’s indeed too much to bear I know and I’m also having my own worries…” Betty Kyallo posted

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She added that in the spirit of helping, she will be sharing tips on how to survive this time as a single mother,

but let’s do what we can. Let’s try🤗There is no shame in breaking down or feeling so down sometimes but isnt God’s love bigger than our troubles? Like I always say let’s at least try to stay positive. I shall be sharing great tips on what you can do to minimize costs during the pandemic but still keep you and your children content. We shall pull through. More love from this litu family ❤️

Betty left so many other single mothers on the comment section encouraged because they felt this is not a struggle they are going through alone.

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