It’s been a long time coming for seasoned Mc, Jahmby Koikai who has been recuperating at home ever since she left the hospital.

Jahmby has had a tough journey, battling with thoracic endometriosis, she has made tremendous steps towards recovery.

This year which she dubbed as her ‘comeback year’ is already facing a couple of shaky routes, as far as her hosting gigs is concerned.

In a long emotional post, faya mama reveals that she has been approachedaa couple of times to host online gigs but she has since turned every request down as she focuses on getting better.

Jahmby says she’s not in a hurry to get back on stage again and that she’s trusting God’s will as she waits for her time. She wrote ;


This is my COMEBACK YEAR. Got back on stage after 5 years due to thoracic endometriosis. Had so many gigs lined up. So many.

Then Covid-19 happened. Very interesting because this takes me back to my moments in hospital. So many divine things happened. It was all God’s plan and timing.

I sit back and let God work out His ways. I’m never one to rush things. I let God do His will.

I’ve recieved countless requests to do some gigs online, I also thought of it, but it’s a challenge for me because of my health and logistics therefore I’ll wait until it’s over tuonane LIVE LIVE.

To all artistes and deejays who are not able to do stuff online at the moment, master your craft. You’re still GREAT. There’s time for everything. Your time will come.

It’s still my COMEBACK YEAR.