Kwa ground my friends story ni different. Jacque Maribe has declared she is single.

So let me bring you up to speed. The ex Citizen anchor was engaged to Jowie who is the main suspect in the murder of slain businesswoman, Monica Kimani.


He made such a grand gesture by planning an engagement party with Jacque’s close friends the like of Shix Kapienga, Terryanne Chebet and Kirigo Ngarua.

Unfortunately, so many things transpired right after and this landed Jowie and Jacque in jail though Jacque was released on bail.

Jowie’s case is not over because he has not been declared innocent or guilty but Jacque seems to have seen no future in that relationship. She declared she is single and last we checked she was Jowie’s fiance.

She said this after people were on her case wondering who she belongs to. Because from her social media has been a bit loud.

Together with Eric Omondi, Jacque finally came out and said her son’s father is the comedian. We knew this but she had to confirm. And, of course, the kawaida simp, Dennis Itumbi has also been showing her so much love in the name of being a ‘close friend.’ But who are we to judge?

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One Carolyn started a fire after asking who she belongs to because we as Instagram in-laws are confused. Danny backed her up and asked Jacque to tanagaza who she belongs to. Is it Jowie, Dennis or Eric?

where does she lie? Tangaza wewe ni wa nani

Jaque who is on holiday seems to have a lot of time in her hands she replies almost all comments said,

danny nilitanagaza hukuona. Niko single AF. those are my friends


As Jowie is jail with the hope of leaving and probably spending the rest of his life with his fiance, Jacque is already over that relationship. On to the next one. This life is not our own.

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