Jaguar has truly changed alot. He has gone from being an artiste to becoming a businessman who would occasionally dabble in music to now becoming a politician fluent in political doublespeak.

Jaguar shows off the changes he has made to Fig Tree Market, Ngara

He recently gave a speech in which he urged the government to get rid of the Chinese operating in local markets as they present unfair competition to locals. And as the area MP (this happened in the Kamukunji Trading Centre) he said he would join his constituents in frog marching the foreigners, assaulting them (oh I wish I were joshing!) and he’ll then escort them to the airport.

But in what seemed to be a more sombre statement, Jaguar took to Twitter and clarified his statements:

My sentiments echoed yesterday with a directive to C.S Matiang’i was meant for the Chinese who have invaded our markets making businesses almost unbearable bearing for our citizens.I am not against any regional unions that are meant to promote both local and regional trade.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since condemned Jaguar’s statement.