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Endometriosis warrior Njambi Koikai is appealing to Mombasa county governor Joho Ali Hassan ton help her settle her medical bills.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai medical appeal

The former Nation employee has been in the USA for the better part of this year after undergoing a successful surgery early this year. Njambi’s treatment cost her Sh 10 million and she has settled part of the bill remaining with a balance of Sh2.4 million.

Njambi Koikai, who is still recuperating is hoping that Joho will chip in so as she is released and come back home. She has once again shared her journey with endometriosis and below is what she shared, leaving many teary.

I am a firm believer in TRYING no matter the outcome. My name is Mary Njambi Koikai, a stage 4 Endometriosis survivor. The disease had ravaged my body for 19years and 3 years ago it spread to my lungs and chest area. This disease was causing my lungs to collapse every month while I was on my period. I have undergone 16 surgeries including the main surgeries here in Atlanta, Georgia. I have never had a painless period since I was 13years old. Doctors tried everything on me. I tried everything you can think of until my gynaecologist told me I needed specialized treatment.

“I went online and properly searched for doctors. I found them. I gave it a shot to send in my medical records. I was accepted for treatment. Unfortunately, my family was trying to come out of a financial crisis due to my late grandma’s cancer and my illness. I have SURVIVED. There are days when I’ve been in great pain but I keep trying. This is a cancer-like disease, affecting over 200 million women worldwide. Battling it is all God. I have tried everything. I have knocked on all the doors you can ever think of.”

She went ahead to write;

Today I humbly ask you my fam as #Jahmbyarmy to kindly help me tag His Excellency Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho @joho_001 to kindly assist me with this last part of the fundraiser. I kindly need to raise Kshs. 2.4 million in order to finish the much-needed therapies and pending hospital bill. It’s not been easy for me to focus on healing and fundraising at the same time. Kindly help me tag him and get his attention @joho_001
It never hurt to try.
Thank you fam and God bless you.

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