Willy Paul is on some shit and I am not going to lie, I am here for it! He recently put out a song called Lamaba Nyonyo and you can read my personal thoughts about it here.

That said, his hit song has been met with alot of criticism and hilarious responses. His fans have amped up their creativity and taken him to the cleaners and all this was led by Jalang’o. Afew weeks back, Jalang’o and Willy Paul buried the hatchet, having been beefing after Jalang’o felt some type of way about the fact that Willy Paul doesn’t seem to be taking the gospel thing seriously.

And it was a hilarious circus of banter with some of the more hilarious statements shown below:

Huddah however, seemed to like the song.

Fans have kiffen up.

Willy Paul was unconcerned, preferring instead to flirt with Nandy.