Akothee was yesterday called out by angry fans after she posted a picture thirsting over TV presenter, Jamal Gaddafi.

One fan warned her about breaking the marriage that Jamal is in.

It is not confirmed if he is married as he never talks about his personal life but he is a father to a beautiful baby girl he adores and treasures.

After Akothee was loud on social media showing off her admiration towards Jamal, the news got to him and he decided to reply.

He put up the same picture Akothee put up and captioned:

From The “jeans” now ni shoes 🤷🏽‍♂️😆😆

The caption might look normal because it has no tags, but fans were quick to put two and two together.

Jamal is a good looking man and many women on his comment section were angry at Akothee.

They even went ahead to be social media counselors advising Jamal to keep off the controversial singer. And avoid being a Ben 10.

A Ben10 is a young man who flirts, dates and chases older women.

‘Why are you trying to ruin someone’s marriage’ Fans call out Akothee after thirsty post

Here are a few angry comments:

Sean: Ask her what she wants or else to dress her hubby like you awache upuzi anataka Ben 10 dolly

Phieso: Ni nni wewe na akotheee mnaendeleza…( what is going on between you and Akothee?)

Angel: Ran for your safety brother

Liz: Nelly oaks will fight someone🙌😂😂😂

Joy: Can you handle madame boss?

The name Nelly Oaks also appeared a lot on the comment section.

It is still not clear what is going on between Akothee and her manager Nelly because they have both on various instances denied they were dating each other but the chemistry is too real.

Let’s wait and see if the two will go past captions on social media.

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