Excitement galore! Its a Friday and here is one more thing that will lift up your spirits; the biggest concert of the year featuring 2 Chainz is almost with us- just 7 more days to go.

Meanwhile don’t agonize, Jameson is making sure everything goes as planned. Together with the sponsors Kiss tv and Kenya’s new Kiss the organizers have come up with a party survival guide for all the attendees.

If you are planning to attend the Jameson live party here are some of the guidelines you might just have to follow.

1. Contrary to African timing plan to get there by 7 p.m
2. So you get to the venue ticket in hand and your friends in tow. First things first get your tag and Easy Taxi voucher. Put the latter safety in your pocket because it will definitely come in handy later
3. Grab a drink and scope out the venue for the perfect vantage point to ensure a great view of all performances
4. Remember to hydrate regularly, because you don’t want to be lights out before the party is over.
5. Keep track of your friends, friends don’t let friends be ratchet and end up as a laughing stock on social media.
6. Tweets and Instagram pics are encouraged.
7. When the party is over, order your taxi via easy taxi because drunk driving is not cool. and alcoblow is not your friend.
8, Next morning, wake up fresh and reveal the best moments of the Jameson live party.

There you have it. Remember to wear a killer outfit, smell great and live up to the Jameson spirit.

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