Janet Mbugua is always more than open to share details on being a mother, ever since she gave birth to baby Huru. Her social media is filled with her moments with the youngin and she constantly updates her fans on her journey.

Well, we had a sit down with her in an exclusive interview and she shared the joys of being a mother. Even with the joy surrounding them, she also has struggled while at it.


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She revealed that she sometimes isn’t sure if she’s doing a good job.

The joys are more the challenges are that sometimes you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing so you have mum guilt. But you pray and hope that you are giving him the best life you can, even though everyone around you tell you you’re doing a good job, you still question. The joys are endless. He’s now becoming a little person who’s got a good personality, fun, feisty, cheeky but very clever, loving and really fun. I have hang out with Huru for three to four hours straight just me and him because he’s just interesting. Those are the joys of being a mother because your seeing this little person’s personality growing and he’s very independent and strong willed baby,” she disclosed.

Many celebrities have opened social media accounts for their kid(s) like Size 8 and Dj Mo, Creme de la Creme among others.

janet and son

Janet Mbugua Makes Brave Admission About Motherhood That Many Mothers Would Never Confess To

But for Janet, she’s not ready to put it all out there as she feels the time is not right, even though she’s already set up the accounts. It’s only that they are locked.

He has all accounts, they’re just locked. People don’t know about them yet because when the time is right we will open the accounts. For me, everything has to feel organic. I have to wake up and feel like today is the day. I haven’t had that moment yet. Well, it can be tomorrow, in two years, it can basically be any time, and when the times comes, people will know.”


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