Shaffie Weru

With the last Saturday of January upon us #TheRaverend can comfortably say it’s been one complicated dry and sunny month…

In 26 days of 365 days of 2019 we have seen more action in politics than we saw in 2018! We have a new super minister; Kenya has been attacked by al Shabaab; we have lost musician Oliver Mtukudzi, Octopizzo has been accused of murder; my governor has spilt the beans on how he used to smoke the herb in the toilet at Parliament with the former Kabete/Emabakasi MP!

The Nairobi governor was very generous with information during the live TV interview; he even shared his prison CV which included him being incarcerated in most of the maximum prisons in Kenya…But in his defence Governor Mike Sonko urged his fellow politicians and other Kenyans to speak their truth and its shall set them free.

So #TheRaverend would like to ask all Kenyans who are willing to speak their truth to meet me at their nearest bar…ION, the hijab is back in contention after the highest court in the land overturned a ruling allowing Muslim students to wear the head covering in school.

In #TheRaverend’s opinion, I think Kenya has bigger issues than how the girl child should dress. In the spirit of freedom of religion, I believe we have covered the fashion bit because some religions have unique clothing and interfering with that directly violates their freedom to worship.

So rounding up January in #TheRaverend’s words, it’s been a dry sunny month with everyone claiming to be broke, even the rich Kenyans driving big German machines not to mention Kenyans who threw parties and attended weddings in new outfits! Being broke is a fashion trend in January. Many use it as a disguise so free loaders or real broke friends do not ask them for a quick loan.

So if you’re genuinely broke, don’t sweat it, pay day is five days away. For the broke pretenders, God is watching you and the thunder/lightning of brokenness that will hit you is still doing press-ups. Uko karibu na Garden of Eden! The only Kenyan enjoying January and living his best life according to #TheRaverend is RAO. Dude has been partying since his birthday a few weeks ago.

Baba is having a ball. During Bruce Odhiambo’s funeral in Kisumu the guy decided to take the President of Kenya on a drive without his security! Imagine being able to just pick up the President of the republic and take him for a random plan with no questions asked. Hiyo sasa ndiyo ubeshte strong!

#TheRaverend can’t even get my pal who became an MCA on the phone, leave alone a road trip from Nairobi West to Madaraka! When I grow up I want to be like Baba!