JB Masanduku is one individual who can make you laugh at a whim. But he also has his moments of folly where his inner demons get the better of him.

As you are all aware, the man had a short, but well documented and very troubled marriage to former radio presenter Tina Kaggia. If marriages could be compared worldwide, theirs would be the Kenyan version of Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s marriage.

JB and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia. in happier times: Nairobiwire

From allegations of abuse from both sides to alcoholism and stints in rehab this marriage is a cautionary tale, for those who would want to say those famous, “I dos”. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, JB Masanduku came clean about some aspects of his marriage with Tina. In the interview, he revealed some very shocking and scandalous insights into their marriage and what really went down.

JB and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia. in happier times: SDE

Tina Kaggia had earlier this year spoken in an interview to PULSE, in which she said that she had been depressed and suicidal. And so she disappeared for four months. She said, “I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point. I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together.

In the interview, she mentions the fact that she was suicidal but does not mention that she had actually tried to commit suicide, which JB claims she did.

Tina Kaggia
Tina Kaggia. photo credit: mchoraji

He explains in the interview that Tina had been going through a rough patch and thus had been drinking heavily.

One day when he was performing at the KNT, he got a missed call from her. When he called her later on, he was told that she had been taken to rehab again. She spent three months in rehab according to JB.

“One day I am at a show at KNT with my sister. After the show, I get a missed call from her. After the show, I call back to hear that she was taken to rehab again, for 3 months…………. Literally, I managed to go and see her. After she came out, she went to the folks, and then she asked to meet me. Then when we met that is when she took the pills, to attempt suicide.”

When JB revealed this explosive detail, we had to confirm if we had indeed heard correctly. He repeated the information and in more detail.

JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku. photo credit: niaje

He continued, “Yeah, It was like a setup. The advantage I had is it was at the Ethiopian restaurant SIP n LIP, So I rushed her to the hospital…….. At least I have the backup, the guys at SIP n lip tried to… I called out for help, cause she was really fighting to take as many pills as possible. So to make sure she won’t survive.”

He added that he was still in contact with the restaurant and could provide proof of the incident. He declared, “If you want footage from the restaurant, I am still in contact with them, they can give you footage, if you need validation, I can get you that. I just went there jozily, she came jozily, then she started crying. she said that her life is going down the drain. her folks have told her to wacha me. She is jobless, so the kids are asking where I am and everything. Then, she just took the pills she was given at the rehab. All the pills I took to the hospital though, there was depression medicine, stuff like that. She popped like a couple of them, while I was trying to fight her over the pills.”

When we called for a response from Tina Kaggia she said that she would not be speaking to us saying:

“Can I just make your life easier already. Whatever it is, I am sure I can almost bet. I know which direction this conversation is going to head, and I don’t have the time or the energy.”

There it is people.

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